Happy Birthday

To A Real Nut!

We Hope You have a Wonderful 70th

Birthday and here are some nice (hehe)

Virtual Gifts we (mostly me!) ;) picked

up or made just for you! Hope you like

them! Tee Hee!!

Guess who made this one??

And this one?? Woo Hoo!!

This is your Birthday Lucky Unicorn.

HEY!! What's SHE doing here???

That's better!! You and ME hugging!

And this is you very own Guardian Angel!

This guy is your Guardian Animal Spirit!


Here is your Bottle of Dreams!


This is the August Pixie holding your

Birth Stone!!

And I just HAD to give you something

from Bossey Bosset's!!

Are ya still having fun??

I guess someone else wants to join the

Party!! Where is Catty when ya need


Just what I thought!! Sleeping until the

food shows up!! Hehe!! ;-)

Well, I hope you had a good time today!

Now on to the good stuff!!

Made With Love!!

Wishing you many many more Birthdays!







(c) J.Z. Porter, Aug 11, 2003







(c) 2001 until Present by J. Z. Porter :)