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On the next couple of pages you will find Christmas Adoptions for you to Adopt for your own Websites. I have a few Rules, very few! 1.) These are for Personal Websites Only!  2.) NO PORNOGRAPHICS or HATE Literature, or anything considered NOT CHILD FRIENDLY on your Website! 3.) Please Link back to my Homepage as I created these Adoptables (from tubes found on the Internet - they were FREE! ) and am giving them away to you, so I figure you can give me the Credit that is due. :)  4.) ENJOY!! and have a Very Merry Christmas!


To Save Adoptables; Right Click and "save as" to your computer! :-)


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Here is a Gift for You...Anyone who visits this site can take it....and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!




1. Christmas Plaques 1

2. Christmas Plaques 2

3. Christmas Globes  

4. Large Blinkies NEW!













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