So....you want to know about me!! Well, I guess it is about time!! Hope you have plenty of time, as I have a tendency to ramble on...and on.....and on....so who knows who many pages this may wind up!!

I was born in Los Angeles, Calif. and raised in the San Fernando Valley. I lived with my Father, Mother and brother, and various family pets for the most part of 22 years before I moved up to the Snowy North. There were also Aunts and Uncles and Cousins living in the same Valley....and my Grandparents. Only one Aunt and Uncle and cousin and her daughter still live in that area...the rest of the Family who are still living have all moved away from the Valley as well and live in various parts of California and other states. More about other members of my Family later! :)

So now you are wondering just HOW I wound up moving North to Ontario, Canada! STAY AWAKE..AND I WILL TRY AND EXPLAIN - Briefly for now....I HOPE! *G* In about 1962 I met a girl in High School and we had many Classes together - we both were taking Bookkeeping and Business classes and became fast friends. She was born in Denmark. Her family emigrated to Canada in the early 1950's to a small town in Ontario. They set up business there and in early 1962 they decided to move to the L.A. area and her father went into business in that area. To make a long story short - in the late 1960's her Family moved back to that small Ontario town.. She moved back with them about a year later. She kept writing to me telling me all about how great it was to be living in a small town again and said I should come up and live with her and her Family for a while and see if I would like their "hometown" - and a different climate.. This was very tempting as I was having health problems.....mostly with Allergies and catching many colds and flu's every year due to the increasing Air Pollution in the area where I lived. This was a VERY hard choice to make....but I figured IF I didn't like the area or Life Style....I could always move back to Calif. So I packed up some bags...and made arrangements for a lot of other personal belongings and furniture to be shipped up at a later date IF I decided I was going to stay for any length of time in this new Country. I eventually got a job in this small town I had moved to....and decided I DID want to stay for a few years anyway. I sent for my furniture and other personal "stuff"....and HERE I AM!! (And THAT is the SHORT VERSION!! STILL AWAKE!! HEHEHE!!!) *G*

Now you know briefly just HOW I came to reside in rural Ontario, Canada with my Soul Mate, my Husband! I hope to do a page on him later on....he has led quite a life and has a story that should be told by itself too. We have been Blessed with two wonderful sons.....one is still at home and in High School....the other is at University working on a Second Degree, as he already has his B.A. in Music! Both of our sons are good at Music and, naturally, with Computers. Maybe I will get around to doing a separate page on each of them as well.

We live in a rented, very, very old farmhouse. This is the third old farmhouse that we have lived in since we were married in 1978. We have lived in this one since 1990 - and we hope for a few years more!!
Who knows for sure what the Future holds for us. One real advantage to living on a farm is that we have always been able to have our own garden, and therefore grow some of our own food. Another advantage is that we have been able to have many pets such as cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and at one of the farms we lived on we even raised some chickens for a while!! That was a lot of fun.....LOL!! More like a LOT of WORK!! Also, when I was able to, I had many, many flower beds and plants to take care of.... this was another one of my ''Favorite'' hobbies.....which unfortunately I cannot do at this time as I am now a Disabled person. More on the reason for that at a later time......and different page!!

When I married the "Love of My Life" I inherited four step-children......well.....not exactly children....the youngest was just turning 16 when we married.....so none could really be considered children.....and since that time they have given us 5 Grandchildren.......even they are growing up as well!! LOL!! Time sure does fly!! And I still consider myself to be TOO YOUNG to be a Grandmother!! (Don't we ALL say that!! :)

Oh-Yeah...My name is Jeanne aka "Snow Genie".





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